About Us

About "La Nino"

We have tried to create a place for those who love nature, who always smile at the possibility of adventure or travel. We wanted to reopen the gate of childhood offering you the chance to discover the vast universe of nature … We want to give the chance to those who know how to have fun and appreciate the memorable moments of relaxation and rest to relive the holidays … as they once were. And on this occasion we would like to give your children a glimpse into the unique experience of discovering the mountains.

About the complex

  • On a recreational area of ​​30,000 square meters, we have combined wood with stone, enjoying the resources offered as a gift by nature and we accepted all challenges with a friendly smile on our face.
  • We have combined classicism with a modern style and brought together 2 guesthouses with a rustic touch but with modern technology … 2 houses that can bring back to life the moments of relaxation, the peace and the joy of holidays from a bygone age.
  • And because one is bathed in sunshine, and the other relaxes in the sunset, we called them Zori de Zi **** an Apus de Soare****. We built them together in the tourist complex alongside a restaurant where the flavors and tastes of our grandparents’ pies, as well as the specific aroma of homemade delicacies, warm the atmosphere and waken you to life.

We invite you to put aside all your daily annoyances and worries, pack up your desire for life, the spirit of adventure and the longing for childhood, and join us to see if we have succeeded in what we have planned. The wonderful landscape of the tourist complex “La Nino” awaits you!

What we offer?

The joy of holidays from a bygone age!
We have found the miracles, the peaceful moments of bygone holidays!